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General Organization Answers

How did EarthWellTech, Inc. come to be?

EarthWellTech, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a company specializing in the development, manufacture, and distribution of a full line of environmentally friendly and user-safe cleaning solutions. EarthWellTech partnered with formulators specializing in state-of-the-art “dynamic surface tension” and “nonemulsifying technologies (as opposed to traditional “static surface tension” emulsifiers). The current cleaning product line largely reflects this dynamic technology.

In the beginning, sales were primarily targeted toward the end-user consumer market, until 2006, when EarthWellTech, Inc. decided to broadened its focus to include commercial sales opportunities. As a result, company resources now support an increased sales and management team, with additional investment in product development and technology, and exciting prospects are evolving.

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Where is EarthWellTech, Inc. located?

EarthWellTech’s Corporate Headquarters are located in the beautiful seacoast town of Tampa, Florida, a site that serves as a constant reminder that we are the stewards of our environment. Through these offices, we provide our Sales Representatives and Distributors with the support they need to understand and meet the needs of their customers, from specific cleaning problems and environmental issues to pricing and regulatory concerns.

Our highly experienced chemists and formulators enable us to keep up with the latest in raw materials designed for use in the manufacture of environmentally- and ecologically-friendly products. Our manufacturing and distribution managers oversee that daily production meets the highest quality standards in the industry, and that high levels of demand are met in expected timeframes. Our production facilities are ISO 9002 certified, and production is available in five strategic locations across the U.S.. No matter what the volume, each batch is thoroughly tested so that you have our personal and professional guarantee as to the efficiency and effectiveness of the product you use.

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What does EarthWellTech see as its mission?

Our mission at EarthWellTech is to develop and promote environmental technologies that have an enduring positive and sustainable impact on our world, and to be a catalyst for awareness and change at the individual level, in our community and in the workplace.

EarthWellTech, Inc. is committed to supporting technologies for ecological sustainability, to inspiring and educating consumers to make healthy choices, to producing cost-efficient and effective products, to promoting an enduring and positive environmental impact in our communities, to maintaining the sacred beauty of our planet, to aligning our attitudes and behaviors with the enduring principles of honesty and integrity in all that we do.

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Does EarthWellTech consider partnerships with other companies?

EarthWellTech, Inc.’s mission is to make a difference in the environment and people’s health. We naturally want to partner with companies with similar missions. We want to forge partnership arrangements which demonstrate our intention and commitment in tangible ways and assure the success for all involved. Since EarthWellTech, Inc. is the manufacturer, we can offer above-industry-average margins to our partners. We are also available for private label opportunities.

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Safety and Health Answers

Are EarthWellTech’s products considered safe for human use?

EarthWellTech is a specialty chemical house dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing the safest cleaning solutions possible given today’s chemical technology. Our products are readily biodegradable, non-toxic and do not contain any harsh chemicals, abrasives, or solvents that contribute to waste and air pollution.In addition, they offer an incredible ecotox profile, our products are non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-fuming, pH balanced, readily biodegradable, and contain little or no VOC (volatile organic compounds).

All of our products are in accordance with current Federal safety regulations and with environmentally-preferable purchasing guidelines, and are DfE U.S. EPA recognized. Most importantly, those who have tried our products have experienced unparalleled success.”

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How can I tell if the product I want to use is safe?

By regulation, personal care products companies are required to disclose their ingredients on the product label. Cleaning product disclosure is not regulated, and most companies do not list ingredients directly on the label. The government is limited in its power to regulate manufacturers and require testing of their products. Per the World Resources Institute, “… of the 17,000 chemicals that appear in common household products, only 30% have been adequately tested for their negative effects on human health; less than 10% have been tested for their effect on the nervous system; and nothing is known about the combined effects of these chemicals when mixed within the human body.” In fact, it would take decades and millions of dollars to appropriately test these chemicals. Manufacturers would go out of business and consumers would not be willing to pay the outrageous prices.

It might appear that cleaning product manufacturers have something to hide. More accurately, manufacturers want to protect their formulas. Cleaning products lack the usual protections provided by copyrights or patents, so formulas are considered proprietary trade secrets and are necessary to exclusivity.

Two indicators, toxicity and hazardous ingredients, are used as measures to determine if a chemical, whether synthetic or organic, is dangerous to you, your loved ones, your pets and the environment. Sometimes the information is included on the product label; when included most ingredients require a chemist’s experience to decipher. Harmful chemicals are often disguised as trade names which are hidden or used to misrepresent their true ecotox profile. Or they might be listed as “inert” components, which are not bound by the same regulations as “active” components.

The most reliable resource for toxicity and hazard information is the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS are available available through this web site web site (see individual product information).

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What does “toxicity” mean?

Toxicity is defined by “LD50,” a scientific term which literally translates to “lethal dosage, 50th percentile.” This is the dosage at which 50% of the organisms exposed to a particular chemical will die. The term applies both to oral and dermal (skin) exposure and is expressed in milligrams of chemical per kilogram of body weight (mg/kg). The lower the LD50 value, the more toxic the substance.

LD50 is determined using laboratory animals and extrapolated to ascertain its impact on humans. Once it is determined for each chemical component, it can be used to determine overall toxicity of a product without further animal testing.

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What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

The most reliable resource for toxicity and hazard information is a product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The Federal Government has recognized that humans have a right to be protected from toxic and hazardous materials in their homes and places of work. State and local governments may impose additional regulations, but the Federal Standard sets the basic requirements.

The Hazard Communication Standard, established in 1983, assures that companies which produce and/or use hazardous materials in products provide information and training regarding their proper handling and use. It states that we have a “Right to Know” about potential effects on our health and safety and how to protect ourselves from harm. It clearly defines what information is to be communicated and how that is accomplished. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) carries this information.

MSDS must be provided with every order shipped to a workplace and passed on to each department which uses that product. Any hazardous or toxic materials must be disclosed on the MSDS. It is interesting to note that MSDS are required by law for industrial use but not for consumer use, though most manufacturers will provide an MSDS upon request.

EarthWellTech’s products have been tested and verified over the years by Guilford Laboratories Inc., Diversified Laboratories Inc., Burlington Chemical Company, The Department of Energy, Eastman Chemical, Con Edison New York , and more. EarthWellTech gladly offers MSDS voluntarily to workplaces by regulation and to consumers upon request, and are available through this web site (see individual product information).

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If a product claims to be “organic,” is it always safe?

Life on Earth is carbon based: living things, first and foremost, are made up of carbon atoms bound to other carbon atoms in a water base. Organic compounds contain both carbon and a second essential element, hydrogen. This combination forms the simplest class of organic compounds, called hydrocarbons. Organic compounds are defined as “living.”

Inorganic chemistry investigates substances that are not organic, such as minerals and non-living matter found in the earth’s crust. Inorganic compounds are defined as “non-living.”

Historically, it was believed that an organic compound could not be synthesized from an inorganic one. In 1828, German chemist Friedrich Wohler proved that belief to be false by synthesizing urea, an organic animal product, from an inexpensive and readily-available inorganic chemical. The term “organic” no longer translates to “natural, of plant or animal origin and non-synthetic.” In fact, it becomes further confused as regards safety and toxicity.

Organic does not necessarily equal less toxic or safe to use. Nicotine sulfate, an organic insecticide, is more than three times as toxic as Chlorpyrifos (Durban®), an inorganic insecticide. It becomes imperative to rely on the LD50 rating when questioning toxicity.

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If a product claims to be “natural,” is it always safe?

In general, natural cleaners are derived from renewable plant materials rather than petrochemicals and are inherently more friendly to the environment and aquatic and animal life. However, terms such as “all natural,” “eco-friendly,” “non-toxic,” “biodegradable” or “environmentally safe” are not regulated. Until actual standards are instigated, such terms may not reflect the true nature of the product.

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Are citrus cleaners safe?

D’Limonene or terpenes, substances used in citrus cleaners, are derived from orange peels and/or pine bark. Because they are plant-based, they are advertised as “green” or “natural” and assumed to be safe.

Some salesmen [of citrus cleaners] are quick to point out that terpenes are ‘generally recognized as safe’ by the FDA and that they are found in a myriad of products, from food additives to toothpaste. Unfortunately, toothpaste is not often used for industrial cleaning. Yes, terpenes are safer to use than many solvents, but to compare a terpene food additive to a terpene paint stripper is not only misleading, it is reckless. Terpene cleaners are mildly neurotoxic. They are known to cause respiratory distress and/or irritation and that ‘pleasant citrus fragrance’ can very quickly become nauseating. There is a controversy about the carcinogenicity of D’Limonene.” Terpenes are also flammable and can be caustic to the skin.

A recent study on the effects of terpene and D-limonene on indoor air pollution (T. Wainman, J/ Zhang, C. J. Weschler, 2000. “Environmental Health Perspectives”) shows “… strong evidence that the interaction of ozone and a seemingly innocuous cleaner can generate enough particulates indoors to approach concentrations that have triggered adverse health effects.”

Both alternative and national brand companies use these ingredients in their products. Some companies are mixing a natural ingredient, or sometimes only an orange fragrance, with a questionable ecotox product to give consumers the impression that their product is safe. Consumers must protect themselves by selecting products that are clearly user safe and environmentally friendly.

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What does hypoallergenic mean?
Are EarthWellTech’s products hypoallergenic?

Because of the multitude of possible ingredients and formulations, and because everyone has different response tendencies, 100% non-allergenic products may be impossible to produce. Hypo-allergenic products are formulated to minimize the likelihood of an allergic response. By omitting additives and harsh chemicals which are common agitators, EarthWellTech’s products have a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction and are, therefore, hypo-allergenic.

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Does EarthWellTech, Inc. use animal by-products or animal source ingredients in its products?

EarthWellTech’s biobased products are composed, in whole or significant part, of biological or renewable domestic agricultural materials such as soy, corn, alfalfa, wheat, apple, oats, coconut and combinations of other ingredients that fit the ecotox profile of “environmentally safe and non-carcinogenic.” They meet or exceed all current Federal safety regulations.

EarthWellTech, Inc. does not use animal by-products or animal source ingredients in any of its formulations.

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Does EarthWellTech, Inc. use animals in any of its testing?

EarthWellTech has never used animals in testing of any kind, whether single ingredients or formulations. In addition, EarthWellTech does not partner with any subcontractors or chemical fulfillment companies with the intention to test our products on animals.

EarthWellTech, Inc. tests products solely on the soils and surfaces for which they are intended.

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Are EarthWellTech’s products safe for water systems and septic tanks?

EarthWellTech’s products are readily biodegradable, which means that all of the ingredients in our formulas break down into carbon dioxide, basic minerals and water. Government guidelines state that breakdown must be 60 – 70% within 28 days, and EWT products comply with these guidelines.

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General Product Answers

What products does EarthWellTech sell?

EarthWellTech, Inc. produces a full line of cleaning products for use in both commercial and residential applications:

• EarthWellTech™ Cleaners & Degreasers

• EarthWellTech™ Floor & Carpet Care

• EarthWellTech™ General Maintenance

For complete detailed information regarding applications, usage methods and dilution recommendations for each product, click on the above product names to link to their specific information pages.

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Does EarthWellTech, Inc. provide a list of ingredients for its products?

Cleaning product disclosure is not regulated, and most companies do not list ingredients directly on the label. It might appear that cleaning product manufacturers have something to hide. More accurately, manufacturers want to protect their formulas. Cleaning products lack the usual protections provided by copyrights or patents, so formulas are considered proprietary trade secrets and are necessary to exclusivity. EarthWellTech, Inc. does list, in a generic way, ingredients for each product on the label.

EarthWellTech products are recognized by DfE U.S. EPA. The EPA/DfE is a program started by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce risk to people and the environment. EPA/DfE recognition does not constitute endorsement of the Partnership Products; the recognition signifies that the formulas for these products are safe to human health and the environment. The DfE logo that is on our products is a quick way to say that the product is made with ingredients that protect both the environment and the user. For more information about DfE recognition program go to: http://www.epa.gov/dfe/

Any hazardous or toxic materials must be disclosed on the Material Safety Data Sheet. It is interesting to note that MSDS are required by law for industrial use but not for consumer use, though most manufacturers will provide an MSDS to consumers upon request.

EarthWellTech gladly offers MSDS voluntarily to the workplace by regulation and to consumers upon request.

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Where can I buy EarthWellTech products?

EarthWellTech’s consumer and commercial products are available upon direct order from our home offices in Tampa, Florida by telephone, fax or mail. In addition, customers are able to purchase through our Sales Reps, Distributors, or private label partners as well. Just call EarthWellTech, Inc. at (813) 379-7441 and we’ll refer you to one of our SalesnReps or Distributors. Email: sales@earthwelltech.com

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Can I buy EarthWellTech products in large quantities?

EarthWellTech’s powerful ready-to-use products are available in a range of quantities, from a standard smaller size of 16 or 32 ounces through a range of larger sizes (55-gallon drums, totes) and beyond to tanker-size quantity, if requested by a customer.

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