Dynamic Carpet Cleaner

Dynamic Carpet Cleaner

EarthWell Solutions Dynamic Carpet Cleaner is a green cleaner that is made with plant-based ingredients (or biobased ingredients meaning made with renewable resources) that does a  superior job cleaning carpets and removing dirt and grime.

Formulated to clean commercial and consumer-type rugs or carpets in the home, car, boat, buildings and industrial spaces; A powerful blend of highly concentrated, moderate foam, pH balanced, ingredients provide rapid removal of both oily and dry soils on natural and synthetic fibers.

It requires only 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water. Solution is safe for all modern carpeting, including nylon, acetate and other synthetics.  A VOC-free solution, produces a low, controlled foam and is totally free rinsing,  without leaving any residue.

Use it in extraction-type carpet cleaning machines and/or truck mounts. May be used as a pre-treatment for high traffic areas, or as a daily-use spot remover.

Recognized by DfE U.S. EPA, this carpet cleaning solution contains no carcinogenic chemicals, no dyes, no fragrances; readily biodegradable and safe for septic and sewer systems. Listed the USDA, solution meets and exceeds the USDA minimum for biobased content and is listed in “USDA’s Biopreferred Catalog”.

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