Dynamic Degreaser

EarthWell Solutions Dynamic Degreaser is a green cleaner made with plant-based ingredients (or Biobased ingredients meaning made with renewable resources) and is superior to other green products for grime and grease removal.

This highly concentrated, moderate foaming, pH balanced spray cleaner quickly and easily removes a wide range of soils, oil, grease and grime, from light to heavy duty.

Removes tough grease from mechanical components, automotive engines, wheels, parts, tools and equipment. Great for removing grease and oil from hands before washing.

Use for general maintenance in shops, labs and assembly lines. Because it is “non-flammable” it can be used in confined spaces as a boat bilge cleaner.

Use as a spot cleaner for inside of car, truck, boat or any other vehicle. Good for general clean-up of interior spaces, e.g. carpet, chrome, vinyl seats, mats, and plastic surfaces.

Recognized by DfE U.S. EPA , this solution replaces hazardous solvents; contains no carcinogenic chemicals, no dyes, no fragrances and is readily biodegradable; safe for septic and grey water systems. Listed with the USDA, solution meets and exceeds the USDA minimum for biobased content and is listed in “USDA’s Biopreferred Catalog”.

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