Dynamic Scrubbing Cleanser

Dynamic Scrubbing Cleanser

EarthWell Solutions Dynamic Scrubbing Cleanser is a green cleaner with natural pumice that is made with plant-based ingredients (or Biobased ingredients meaning made with renewable resources) and is superior to other green products for removing tough grime and grease.

This product is formulated to remove incrusted grime from hard surfaces and gently scrubs away soils, fats, greases and oils while wiping to a clean, brilliant shine. Use it on ceramic stove tops, ceramic sinks, counter tops, cookware, faucets, stainless steel, tiles, toilets, tubs, and other hard surfaces.

Takes off mineral deposits and soap scum from faucets, tubs and shower doors, mold and mildew from tile grout, and remove permanent Magic-Marker from glass.

Recognized by DfE U.S. EPA, this green cleaning solution contains no carcinogenic chemicals, no dyes, no fragrances; is readily biodegradable and safe for septic and sewer systems. Listed with the USDA, it meets and exceeds the USDA minimum for biobased content and is listed in “USDA’s Biopreferred Catalog”.

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